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Photographer | Farhan

I'm Farhan, a wedding photographer in Singapore, and I have a burning passion for photography. I actually can't stop thinking about it, talking about it, reading about it and now, writing about it! Things are starting to get hectic around here, so I thought I'd write some things from my journal to Fsquared Photography's site, recording my experiences and feelings during my adventures.

Here are some things you should know about me:


How long have you been pursuing wedding photography?

I started photography about 8 years ago, where it was simply a hobby. Slowly, I felt more passionate about it and I found my favourite type of style: Creative photography. I started looking all over Singapore for awesome shots of the island but it always seemed like something was missing. Hence, I started pursuing couple photography after 4 years into the profession, and now, here I am! (These years are really starting to show my real age..)

What kind of couple photography do you do?

I do almost all kinds of couple photography, such as actual day wedding photography, pre wedding photography and even engagement photography in Singapore. I love couple photoshoots as I can really observe the personalities and characters of the individuals. I believe in capturing the best moments of every shoot, thus I also try my best to meet the needs of the couple!

Why are you writing all of this?

Well, I personally believe in the connection between the man behind the camera and the couple of the shoot. Sure, the couple's charisma is important, but it is just as essentially important that the wedding photographer 'clicks' with them.

That's all for now, but do look out for more blog posts! I hope that you'll enjoy reading our blog as much as I do when writing and posting on it. :)