Singapore Couple Photoshoot | Yilin & Javier

West Coast Park Couple Photography

We had an amazing stylized couple photoshoot at West Coast park. Yilin (my girlfriend, Diana's, best friend) is in a Long Distance Relationship (LDR) with Javier, who is pursuing his Bachelor's Degree in Sports Physiotherapy (I think) in Perth, Australia. Javier was back in the country for awhile, so we suggested to have a photoshoot with them. We also let them come up with a theme for the photoshoot which showcased their personality. They didn't know what they wanted, so we prompted, "What do you guys love doing?" Javier likes to hit the gym and both of them absolutely adore junk food. So the contrasting idea of exercising with junk food became the theme of the photoshoot!

Fitness + Junk food = Fitnessjunkie...right?

Fitness + Junk food = Fitnessjunkie...right?

We initially planned to do the sporty shoot at one of the exercise corners at Bishan Park, at about 5pm, to take advantage of the sunset. However, on the day of the photoshoot, the weather was against us. The NEA website forecasted "thundery showers" all over Singapore except in the Central area. Bishan is in the Central region of Singapore so it was actually PERFECT!

Well, at least that's what we thought.

Murphy's law took place and we all know how dependable weather forecasts are (unreliable, if you didn't catch what I was trying to say). In fact, the forecast was totally opposite of how the weather was at Bishan. It was ONLY raining in the central part of Singapore (full on Monsoon, nothing less!). And yes, I do know that predicting weather for such a small country in Singapore is near impossible, so I still forgive them!

Yilin stays in Bishan and she exclaimed that it was pouring over there. However, it was sunny at my region (East) of the country as well as in the West (Diana told me). Thinking that the rain may stop in the central region, I told the couple that we should wait till 5pm before heading out for the shoot.

The regions of Singapore.

The regions of Singapore.

Bishan Park, 4.30pm.

It was STILL raining at Bishan Park. I was so ready to cancel the couple photoshoot, but Yilin was not ready to give in to Mother Nature. She had already left house to buy a chicken bucket from KFC (she wanted it to happen!). So I started suggesting other places to shoot.

West Coast Park

As we were driving to West Coast Park (I was told that it wasn't raining there), the pattering of the rain got softer. Upon our arrival, the park was full of families and the drizzle there was almost negligible. Yay! We were pretty worried that the area would be too crowded to get a clean shot but, surprisingly enough, only the playgrounds were crowded.

I had an idea of Javier hanging upside down and doing a Spiderman Kiss, so I was looking for a pull up bar but, unfortunately, the bar was too low. :( We found some monkey bars, and I thought that they were close enough (and may even be a better composition). We started with many variations, just Yilin hanging, then just Javier, then finally both of them on the bars. We got a few great shots before including the KFC in our shot and it turned out to be super adorable and funny at the same time. 

An almost Spiderman Kiss.

An almost Spiderman Kiss.

The couple photoshoot turned out great, and we were even blessed with a golden sunset.

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I'm Farhan, a wedding photographer in Singapore, and I have a burning passion for photography. I actually can't stop thinking about it, talking about it, reading about it and now, writing about it! Things are starting to get hectic around here, so I thought I'd write some things from my journal to Fsquared Photography's site, recording my experiences and feelings during my adventures.

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How long have you been pursuing wedding photography?

I started photography about 8 years ago, where it was simply a hobby. Slowly, I felt more passionate about it and I found my favourite type of style: Creative photography. I started looking all over Singapore for awesome shots of the island but it always seemed like something was missing. Hence, I started pursuing couple photography after 4 years into the profession, and now, here I am! (These years are really starting to show my real age..)

What kind of couple photography do you do?

I do almost all kinds of couple photography, such as actual day wedding photography, pre wedding photography and even engagement photography in Singapore. I love couple photoshoots as I can really observe the personalities and characters of the individuals. I believe in capturing the best moments of every shoot, thus I also try my best to meet the needs of the couple!

Why are you writing all of this?

Well, I personally believe in the connection between the man behind the camera and the couple of the shoot. Sure, the couple's charisma is important, but it is just as essentially important that the wedding photographer 'clicks' with them.

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