Do you provide videography services?
We do not provide such services. However, we do have partners to liaise with to handle the videography side of things. Just let us know, and we'll work it out for you. 


Do you provide RAW files?
We do not. As a professional photography service, everything we pass on to the client is a representation of our brand, image and reflects our style as well. There is always a chance of our RAW files being released as-is, and that may be damaging to our brand! Hence, we seek your understanding that we will not provide any RAW files.


What does "Mini Photoshoot On-site" entail?
It generally means that the photographer will be taking photos of you and your partner around the vicinity of the wedding or solemnization (eg. Fort Canning; near the ROM, areas around the hotel).

Why does the pricing feel different as I customize my package?
We specialise in personalising and tailoring our services for you. When we derive a package for you, it goes through different calculations and different discounts according to what you have requested for. This is to ensure that you get the most value out of your photoshoots with us!


How long in advance must I book for photography services?
The earlier, the better. However, you'll have to let us know at least one month before the day of the photoshoot. However, whether we agree to provide you with our services really depends on our availability. (We'll always try to squeeze you in, though!)


How long do I get to transfer the payment for your services?
We'll give you up to 14 days to proceed with the payment after we have sent you both the invoice and the contract.


How long does it take for all the products to be delivered?
It would take an approximate of 2 weeks, but it'll be a maximum of 30 days after your final approval.


Can I have my photoshoot at multiple locations?

Yes, as long as it is within the time frame (eg. within the 8 hours) stated in the contract.


Do I have to get permissions to shoot at an area even if it's a complimentary photoshoot?

Yes. It is the duty of the client to get permissions for us to shoot at a certain venue if it is required, such as Singapore National Museum and CHIJMES.


What if I misplace or accidentally delete my photos?
We'll always keep your photos backed up for 30 days after the day of the photoshoot. This will allow you enough buffer time to back your photos up within the 30-day period.


What kind of photo albums do you guys have and how much is each type?
Check out our photo albums here. If you're tight on budget, we do provide Basic Layflat albums. Otherwise, we highly recommend the Deluxe Flush Mount album, as it really reflects our style and artwork. However, if you'd like a more unique one, you may want to go for the Signature Flush Mount album.


What are proofs?

Proofs are copyrighted, watermarked photos (with our logo) for you to view as evidence of the photos that we have taken on that day. It is illegal for any other party than Fsquared Photography to use these watermarked photos. Proofs are different from the edited photos that we will provide for you, and is not the final product. Proofs are, of essence, unedited photos.

What do you mean by 'licensed photos'?

Licensed photos are the complete opposite of proofs, whereby we remove the watermark and allow the (edited) photos for your own personal use. These are the photos that you will expect as the final product.


What does "model release" mean?

Model release means that you are giving rights to us, Fsquared Photography, to use any of the photos, that we captured for you, to be used for our advertising purposes. However, we do not sell any of these photos to other parties. If you'd like to keep your photos private, this can be waived for an additional SGD250.


If you have any other queries that we may have missed out on, do contact us here!