Farhan Latiff

The photographer in the brother equation, I am a pilot who has a burning passion for photography. I started to have an interest for photography since my late teens (which was not too long ago!) and I was on a roll since then. I love what I do, which is being there for those who want a reminder for a day that they never want to forget. Photography has more to it than just still pictures, they are memoirs, remembrances and treasures to share to the young ones in the future.

Faez Latiff

The younger of the duo, I have been a striving entrepreneur since young. I started venturing into customer service and absolutely fell in love with it, which is what I'm doing now! I just truly love connecting and conversing with other people, which is one of the reasons why I decided to join venture with my brother. My personal goal in this service is to help him capture the moments when people connect and to show them that there is more to just photos, that there's a story in every picture.